TBS Learning & Tennis Center is dedicated to the memory of Thelma Barnes Sowell, a Stellar member of the McBee, South CarolinaCommunity until November, 1988. She and her husband, Lewis Sowell, raised 11 children in the McBee community.

In the 1940’s,  Mrs. Sowell worked throughout the state as a practical nurse as well as a community liaison between the religious and political community and the people of the town. In addition, Mrs. Sowell, although she only had a 9th grade education, worked as a substitute   school teacher at Pine Forest School in McBee. There were many seniors in the town who could not read, so they would bring their mail to Mrs. Sowell’s home and have her read and interpret it for them.

In 1966 during the Civil Rights Movement Mrs. Sowell organized the Voter Registration Drive for the community through the church, providing support and transportation to the registration sites.

She had high standards and always encouraged youth to continue their education. Mrs. Sowell was well respected in the town of McBee, and her legacy will continue through the TBS Learning & Tennis Center.

Founded in 2011, the TBS Learning & Tennis Center had its inauguration July 8-July 15, 2011 in McBee, South Carolina at McBee High School. We introduced our program to twenty-four 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from McBee, South Carolina and the surrounding area.

The program was a total success due to the one-on-one attention given to every student and the expertise of our caring founder, director, administrative assistant, board members, and interns. Our program worked because we were able to introduce the students to a number of leaders in the McBee and surrounding communities. The students received expert advice and encouragement from these leaders in areas such as: business, education, industry, health and wellness, nutrition, politics, and media.